Animal Transportation Basics

18 Feb

The transportation of pets is the intentional moving of an animal by transportation. Common categories of pets that are transported include farm, livestock intended for meat production, and zoo or veterinary specimen. Animals are usually transported in crates or kennels. Learn more about pet ground transport. Common methods of transport include air and sea shipping, road moving and land transportation.
Air transportation involves the transport of live freight. Cargo flights to transport food, raw materials and finished products. Most goods are shipped in wooden crates, which are easily identifiable as pieces of property. However, some goods such as semi-live freight, are sent in cardboard boxes or tin cans. When an animal transportation cargo is sent in containers, it is commonly called a live freight container.
Ocean transportation is a common method of transporting live freight. Mostly, it is used to transport laboratory animals and laboratory specimen. If you want to send laboratory animals (robes, mice, fish, etc) through the ocean, you should contact sea freight services.
Road transportation is another common means of transporting animal and plant cargo. The animal can be transported via air, land, or sea. Several companies provide transport services for the transportation of live freight or cargoes. If you want to send cargo by land, you can contact various courier companies and cargo airlines.
Livestock transportation is a specialized area. It involves the movement of bison, horse, moose, deer, elk, and other big game animals. If you need to transport deer and antelope, you should contact Stoughton moose Inc. If you want to transport zoo and cervids, you should contact Zoos Transport. If you need to transport exotic animals like snakes and lizards, you should contact Reptile Transport.
For large scale animal transportation, you should contact a veterinary transportation company. Vets provide secure and climate-controlled logistics and transport animals safely from one location to another. Most vet transportation companies also provide care for livestock transportation. However, you can contact them directly to find out more information about their services.
A large number of companies have started offering animal transportation services. These include private, contract, and government-owned businesses. Before you select a transportation service, you should check out all the companies in which your pet will be transported. The most important factors that you should consider include charges, terms and conditions, track record, reputation, and reliability of the company.
There are many airlines that provide transporting animals, including FedEx, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, US Airways, British Airways, and Lufthansa Airlines. If you need a large animal to be transported, you should book it as early as possible to avoid the rush and keep the stress levels low during travel. Keep in mind that certain sized animals may not be accepted by some airlines. Visit to get more info about Animal Transportation. For instance, tapirs and hippos are not commonly accepted by Delta airlines.
Today, there are so many websites that offer tips and advice on how to choose the best service for transporting your pets. They give you tips on the type of carrier, what to look for in the carriers, the temperatures that they should be kept in, and what the right temperature is when shipping live animals. They also provide you with information on finding the nearest animal transport center, tips on handling animals, and other useful information. The number of animal transport service providers has increased over the past few years. Some of these providers have their own websites, while others use online services that send their representatives to your home or office to evaluate your situation and determine if an animal transport facility is the best option for you. Learn more from

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